A Price Waterhouse Coopers team led by Chris Curran tracked emerging technologies and chose eight as essential for the enterprise in 2020.

First is Artificial Intelligence, followed by Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Drones, Internet of Things, Robots, Virtual Reality, and 3D Printing.

For the B2B Media Executive, a solid understanding of the basics starts with AI.

Artificial Intelligence is an umbrella term often used to cover subfields like machine learning, but there is a difference. In fact, cognitive computing, AI, machine learning, and deep learning all can be described as machine intelligence.

Cognitive computing is the sensory branch of sensory intelligence. Computers use sensors and algorithms to see, hear, and feel, bringing human capabilities to computers so they think, behave, and act like humans.

AI is the brain behind cognitive computing. AI brings decision-making capabilities to computers, which we experience every day in the form of recommendation engines—think Netflix and Amazon—chatbots, and self-driving cars.

Now, machine learning requires massive amounts of data to recognize patterns and make predictions.

Businesses are using the predictive aspects of machine learning to improve customer service, security and business efficiencies.

And finally, deep learning uses neural science to mimic the physiology and function of the human brain, takes machine learning and applies the way a human brain thinks. Deep learning is the most advanced form of machine learning and is becoming the preferred way to train computers.

Knowing what Machine intelligence is doing for business is more than looking smart at your next social gathering. It’s essential to piloting your business into the future.

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