"Inara.World enables authors to get paid directly for every page stream of their eBooks and for readers to discover eBooks by paying for one page at a time . . . I'm curious to see how the experiment evolves.”—David G. W. Birch

Our Mission

“To design and build a transformative publishing world for authors and readers so that they may flourish in a community of creation and reading enjoyment."


Welcome to the Ownership Era

The Problem

Let’s face it. Author earnings suck. Authors can’t make a living selling in a noisy, chaotic marketplace. Readers' bar to discovering the authors and books they want to read is way too high.

What We Do

Inara brings authors a new paradigm and framework for engaging readers and getting paid for every page stream of their ebooks. Inara lowers the bar for readers to discover the ebooks they want to read without having to buy books or subscribe to a service.

Our Promise

We’ve walked in the shoes of authors and know the challenges authors face to connect with readers and make a living so they can continue to write the great books their readers seek.


We bring you the Content Freedom Experience

Decentralized on Hedera Hashgraph

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The Inara team has a deep background and years of experience
in traditional and new-era digital publishing, enterprise technology leadership, data science,  blockchain, and marketing. 

Meet Our Leadership Team

Glenn McCreedy

Co-Founder, CEO, and Chief Category Officer


Madhulika Singh

Madhulika Singh

Co-Founder and CTO

Elaine Walsh

Director of Sales and Marketing

Meet Our Product Team

Samrudha Malandkar

UX Intern

Sean Levan

Marketing Intern