— Our Mission —

To design and build a transformative publishing world for authors and readers

so that they may flourish in a community of creation and reading enjoyment. 


Let’s face it. Author earnings suck. Authors can’t make a living selling direct to readers. Publishing intermediators take a big chunk of the money out of each sale of the author’s book.

Inara brings authors a new paradigm and framework for engaging readers and getting paid for every page stream of their ebooks. 

Inara lowers the bar for readers to discover the ebooks they want to read without having to buy books or subscribe to a service.

We’ve walked in the shoes of authors and know the challenges authors face to connect with readers who want to read their books and to make a living so they can continue to write the great books their readers want to read.

The Inara team has a deep background and years of experience in both traditional and new-era digital books publishing.

Inara is a proud Cohort Member of the Hedera Boost startup program.

Welcome to the Ownership Era

Leadership Team 

CEO Glenn McCreedy

Glenn McCreedy

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Elaine Walsh

Director of Sales and Marketing

Development Team

Ivy Vo

Ivy Vo

Software Developer—Intern, Seattle Pacific University

Brian Chou Intern

Brian Chou

Software Developer—Intern, University of California, Berkeley

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1718 E. Speedway Blvd., Ste. 4085, Tucson, AZ 85719