"Inara.World enables authors to get paid directly for every page stream of their eBooks and for readers to discover eBooks by paying for one page at a time . . . I'm curious to see how the experiment evolves.”—David G. W. Birch

Our Vision

“To advance the world's intellectual and cultural growth through content access and consumption, free of cost and pricing constraints."


Welcome to the Era of A La Carte Content

The Problem

Let's face it. Content providers fail to engage and earn revenues from most consumers who "drive by" content offerings because of the sales and subscription paywall. Frustrations with cancellation processes and restricted content continue to mount. "Subscription fatigue" and publication "sticker shock" cause high churn rates and lost revenues.

What We Do

Inara brings content providers a new market and framework for engaging content consumers and getting paid for every page stream of their publications. Inara opens a new world for readers to only pay for what they choose and consume.

Our Promise

We’ve walked in the shoes of content providers and publishers and know the challenges posed by existing models of content sales and subscription. Inara unlocks the shackles of pay-walled content to reach a new market, get a new revenue stream and enhance existing business models.


We bring you the Content Freedom Experience

Decentralized on Hedera Hashgraph

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The Inara team has a deep background and years of experience
in traditional and new-era digital publishing, fintech, enterprise technology leadership, data science,  blockchain, and marketing. 

Meet Our Leadership Team

Glenn McCreedy

Co-Founder, CEO, and Chief Category Officer

Robert McKinley

A.I. Statistician—Systems Design and Development


Tama Braswell

Systems Engineer & Data Scientist

Elaine Walsh

Director of Sales and Marketing

Meet Our Product Team

Samrudha Malandkar

UX Intern

Sean Levan

Marketing Intern