Too much hype around A.I. and not enough.

Is that statement disconcerting to you? Just like in the dot com boom of the late ’90’s, a lot of self-serving B.S. and yet, some real work being done. Work that will shape our world for the next (how many?) years.

Pay attention to what is sometimes called AI 2.0

Not much out there about this yet. Some of it is hype and some of it is thoughtful and forward-looking.

Just like in the early days of the World Wide Web when the idea of putting up your business brochure on a site was “pooh-poohed” (why would anybody want to do that?)

Check this out:

AI 2.0

There’s more reporting and commenting out there that is predicting on AI 2.0 but again, a lot of it is past-premised (like Gen AI models etc, which I will say, do have their value). The more promising is linked to Web3 (and it’s not just “crypto” for you naysayers, thank you very much).

You have an internet browser, do your due diligence and dig in.

Don’t ask me to define AI 2.0. I’m like you probably, I have my perspective and am looking to take my startup into AI, yet I don’t have much of a clue, even with the multiple conversations I’ve had on the topic.

I will say that no matter what develops, AI (2.0 or otherwise) is going to be more important than any other factor influencing my life (or yours).

And guess what? You get to create it. Early days. Largely unformed. Tons of opportunities.

Think post-Napster and Kazaa. Hey, get jiggy with it and think post-Blockbuster Video (hello Netflix).

And our special, very fond of, recollection of how we jumped on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing in 2009 with the first ebooks that were previously-published as print books by New York book publishers. Yes, gold rush days.

It’s happening again with AI. But you gotta be smart. Don’t buy the hype. Think it through.

Think critically. Don’t pass on what might be considered “crazy” or “unrealistic.” If it shows up like that at first, it’s probably going to be the “thing” in future.

Don’t play it safe. Have fun and don’t worry.