Tim Cook Follows in Steve Jobs’ Footsteps with Category Design

Inc. recently posted the article, “Tim Cook’s 5-Word Response to Facebook Is Brutal and Brilliant at the Same Time.” On Kara Swisher’s podcast, Cook was asked about how Apple’s upcoming privacy changes will affect Facebook. Cook said, “I’m not focused on Facebook.” Here’s what Tim Cook is up to. He’s following the discipline of Category […]

Inara on Hedera Hashgraph Savannah Meetup

Inara Founder and CEO Glenn McCreedy and Lead Developer Albert Xiao on Hedera Hashgraph Savannah Meetup – Oct. 2020. Great thanks to Jeremy Fletcher for hosting us on his Meetup. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjSKGoXq15I

People buy experiences, not products

At Adobe Summit 2018, Adobe EVP and GM for digital experience Brad Rencher challenged brand marketers to “make experience your business.”  2018 was the year when marketers, chief experience officers, and leaders across business organizations, started to get it that people buy experiences, not products. Rencher asserted that while the good folks at Adobe have […]

Industrial Internet of Things Content Intelligence for Fun and Profit

Many organizations spend a lot of time mapping customer journey workflows. There is a 7 trillion dollar marketplace approaching that will open up new opportunities for mapping customer journey workflows. It’s called the Internet of Things.   IoT data alone doesn’t allow marketers to construct customer journeys, but it is valuable because it augments data from […]

Data has no value unless you extract knowledge from it

“Oil has no value unless you extract energy from it, data has no value unless you extract knowledge from it.”—James Whittaker, Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft Whittaker says that Apps are eating the web. The Internet of Things will ultimately mean more Internet traffic generated and consumed by machines than by humans. Machines are learning our habits […]

Digital Assistants and Flash Briefings

Especially if you know what is a flash briefing, you are likely already using a digital assistant. But did you know which digital assistant is the smartest? According to a study by Stone Temple, Google Assistant is number 1, Cortana is number 2, Alexa is number 3 but get this, Alexa is making the biggest […]

Consider Machine Intelligence for Piloting Your Business

A Price Waterhouse Coopers team led by Chris Curran tracked emerging technologies and chose eight as essential for the enterprise in 2020. First is Artificial Intelligence, followed by Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Drones, Internet of Things, Robots, Virtual Reality, and 3D Printing. For the B2B Media Executive, a solid understanding of the basics starts with AI. […]

The Path to Success is Paved by Investing in Others

As a leader in your industry,  it’s likely that you have run across the term emotional intelligence, which is chiefly about the ability to recognize, understand and manage our own emotions and to recognize, understand and influence the emotions of others. To truly be transformative one has to go beyond grasping and dealing with emotions. […]

Alexa In-Skill Purchasing is Here Now

Alexa Echo

Today I participated in a Twitch webinar conducted by the Amazon Alexa developer team. I got some news there I want to share with you. In a flash briefing series on my daily Alexa flash briefing, B2B Media Executive Insights,  I talked about the incredible opportunity for B2B media and information companies in Voice First. If you have […]