Inara is thrilled to welcome digital publisher Category Pirates in a pilot project, featuring the mini-book, The Marketing Funnel Funeral. Co-written by the Category Pirates—Christopher Lochhead, Katrina Kirsch, and Eddie Yoon, The Marketing Funnel Funeral is short, sweet, and jam-packed with incredibly valuable insights, this mini-book will help you understand how to create a category marketing flywheel and community that provides new and different value to the world.

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You can jump to any part of The Marketing Funnel Funeral using the Inara e-reader and the mini-book’s Table of Contents and only pay for what you consume. 

From The Marketing Funnel Funeral description:Book Cover for The Marketing Funnel Funeral

Marketing funnels have been the go-to framework for an Analog world and the early days of the Internet. And there’s no doubt they’ve been effective. This approach worked well—but only because people had a small network. As a marketer, you have to beware of the over-funnelization of marketing. People today are more informed, connected, and empowered than ever before. They don’t want to be pushed—they want to be engaged. They want experiences that make them feel like they matter. And they spread those word-of-mouth recommendations like wildfire through social media and online reviews. Marketing is no longer about pushing customers down a funnel. Instead, it’s about using a marketing flywheel to create experiences and communities that are so legendary, people can’t help but sing about it. In The Marketing Funnel Funeral, you will learn:


Inara works with digital content publishers who want to grow their audiences/consumer base but need help reaching and engaging consumers averse to traditional subscriptions or paying for entire publications. 

Oftentimes, they’ve tried paywall solutions like content subscriptions, bundling, unbundling, discounts, advertising, free trials, and advertising, but they still are not increasing sales to their consumers on their publications and building their customer base.

We offer the ability to track content micro consumption, put a dollar value on each transaction and monetize that process. That provides expanded content consumption options for consumers with content providers’ content, so these providers increase their audience base and revenues.

So when the consumer chooses the page, you get paid, and when the consumer chooses the text, they only pay for the content they choose. Welcome to the era of a la carte content.

We’re excited to have the Category Pirates join Inara in this pilot project. This is your golden opportunity to get started and try Inara with The Marketing Funnel Funeral.