Category Pirates Joins Inara in Pilot Project

Inara is thrilled to welcome Category Pirates in a pilot project, featuring the mini-book, The Marketing Funnel Funeral. Category Pirates is the authority on Category Creation and Category Design, sharing principles, frameworks, and case studies for the radically different. Co-written by the Category Pirates—Christopher Lochhead, Katrina Kirsch, and Eddie Yoon, The Marketing Funnel Funeral is […]

Messaging Springs from Point of View and Languaging

New York is a whole world

Recently I was pinged on LinkedIn by a friend who sent out a request for feedback on his business coaching service. He calls himself the Message Fixer, his thing is Messaging and his motto is, “Change the Message, Change the World.” That got me to thinking about messaging in the larger context of business communications […]

If Steve Jobs were alive today . . .

Steve Jobs book

It is so amusing to note historical music industry reactions in a Google search of “Steve Jobs fragmentized the music industry.” Oh, the Sturm und Drang. Bon Jovi: “Steve Jobs is killing the music industry” (2011).  Guess what? It’s now happening with the book publishing industry (less Steve Jobs RIP). They just don’t know it […]

Inara Serendipity Mixed with Domain Experience Uncovers “The Missing”

different colored chess piece

Aspiring startup founders often ask themselves, “How does a person get an insight into a really big problem that needs to be solved?” This is an important question in the context of what’s called Category Design. If you are interested in creating an entirely new category (market), we recommend you read the book, Play Bigger: […]

How Uber Got Crowned Category King

Real simple. Uber got us to understand that hailing a taxi sucked and there was a different way to solve that problem. Kalanick and Camp discovered that we had an old, ongoing problem. People didn’t know it was a problem that could be solved in a new way. Uber got them around to that understanding. […]

Tim Cook Follows in Steve Jobs’ Footsteps with Category Design

Inc. recently posted the article, “Tim Cook’s 5-Word Response to Facebook Is Brutal and Brilliant at the Same Time.” On Kara Swisher’s podcast, Cook was asked about how Apple’s upcoming privacy changes will affect Facebook. Cook said, “I’m not focused on Facebook.” Here’s what Tim Cook is up to. He’s following the discipline of Category […]