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Industrial Internet of Things Content Intelligence for Fun and Profit

Many organizations spend a lot of time mapping customer journey workflows. There is a 7 trillion dollar marketplace approaching that will open up new opportunities for mapping customer journey workflows. It’s called the Internet of Things.  

IoT data alone doesn’t allow marketers to construct customer journeys, but it is valuable because it augments data from primary sources. For instance, companies can improve the customer journey if they have access to device data that reveals customers’ preferred channels of interaction, the types of offers and valuable, relevant information that are most relevant to certain individuals, and the times of day when people are most inclined, and have the greatest need, to interact with a company.

Now let’s talk about the Industrial Internet of Things or IIoT as it’s known, for short. Industrial IoT can be thought of the networked connections between people, things, and systems in the industrial space. It can be a harvester combine used in agriculture, a plastics molding machine, or the use of TV screens displaying video and Web pages on the backs of seats on passenger planes.  Data can be used from an analytical perspective as inputs to machine learning models, optimization algorithms and business decision rules to help direct customers down appropriate pathways within a customer journey. 

In other words, the ways we use machines can inform as to our needs in real time, communicate them to companies who are in a position to help, who then provide instructions to those machines to perform better and provide more value. 

Look for the advent of Industrial IoT Content Intelligence—bridging the chasm dividing content intelligence and the customer/organization/ Industrial IoT nexus. In concert with Industrial IoT, content is delivered in smart ways that key on, build upon, and support Industrial IoT to provide new pathways for device and equipment users, and well-guided customer journeys. 

Data has no value unless you extract knowledge from it

“Oil has no value unless you extract energy from it, data has no value unless you extract knowledge from it.”—James Whittaker, Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft

Whittaker says that Apps are eating the web. The Internet of Things will ultimately mean more Internet traffic generated and consumed by machines than by humans. Machines are learning our habits faster than we can form them. What does all this mean for the future? How will we interact with our devices when they are as smart or smarter than we are? How will anyone manage to make money in this coming world?

Whittaker looks to the 2020s as the era of IoT and Big Data. The 2010s, for now, are still the decade of mobile and apps. But for how long? 

The key to taking advantage of commercial opportunities in Internet of Things is approaching consumer (customer) needs differently. Instead of creating an app that needs to be found and downloaded, companies must figure out how to meet consumer (customer) needs seamlessly, without using a browser or a search engine or other human intervention.

Now that signals a new era, doesn’t it?