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Getting Started :: Authors


Send us your questions, comments, and requests for support in either of two ways:

  • Preferred Method—Press the Message Popup icon in the lower right corner of the Inara company website page at https://inara.world Fill in your information and send.

  • Use the Inara email address info@inara.world to send via email. 


  • Be sure to read the Author FAQs page.

  • Use any of these devices—laptop, desktop, or smartphone—that runs a browser—Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge. Inara usage for tablet is in development.


Note: you will need a smartphone to set up your Dropp account and Digital Wallet. 



  • In the left navigation bar, press Join Inara (for mobile phones, press MENU first)

  • On the Join Inara page, below the Readers and Authors sections, press the Sign up button.

  • Fill in the fields for Email, First name, Last name and your Password/Password confirmation. 

  • Check the Terms & Conditions box 

  • Press the DIAL IT UP! button. 


  • Enter Username

  • Press UPLOAD PROFILE PHOTO button and add your photo (file size must be less than 5 MB)

  • Enter your Bio. This can be your reader bio or your author bio

  • Click on and Select your favorite genres for reading

  • Press the CREATE PROFILE button 

  • When you start reading a book on Inara for the first time, you will be prompted to set up your Dropp account and Dropp Digital Wallet. 

  • Follow the steps to set up your account and fund your wallet. You will have the option to add a credit card or ACH to the bank account of your choice. Then you will add funds to your wallet from that account. We recommend starting with a minimum of $7.00

  • You must add at least one currency account (USD or HBAR) to your wallet to make micropayments as you read. You may add both USD and HBAR accounts to your wallet. 


  • If you have selected the Automatic Replenishment option (not available for HBAR), then Dropp will replenish your wallet from the bank account or credit card of your choice, without any interruption to your reading experience.

  • You may opt-in for the Low Balance Notification which triggers when your balance is less than or equal to $5.00

  • If you have not selected Automatic Replenishment (USD), your wallet has a low balance and you have opted-in for Low Balance Notification, you will receive a message advising you to replenish your account.

  • If you are an HBAR user with an HBAR account in your wallet, in the event of insufficient funds for that HBAR account, you will receive a message from Inara advising you to replenish your account.



  • Fund Now—Add funds to your Dropp wallet

  • Funding Accounts—Add or change external accounts

  • Automatic Replenishment—see above

  • History—Funding and auto replenishment 

  • Redeem Now—Redeem your Dropp balance to your bank account



  • After you have set up your New Reader Profile, you may create your New Author Profile and upload your books


NOTE: you must have your Dropp Account ID and Digital Wallet set up BEFORE you can complete your New Author Profile Setup. 


  • In the left navigation bar, press Create author profile and open New author profile

  • Create your Dropp Account ID—this process will add a Dropp Digital Wallet to your smartphone.

  • iPhone (iOS) users: Press the Download on the App Store button

  • Android users: Press the Get It On Google Play button

  • Follow the steps to install and set up your Dropp Account ID and Digital Wallet (if you do not have this already)

  • Go to the Dropp Quick Start Guide here: https://dropp.cc/resources/quick-start-guide/



  • After you have completed the Dropp Account ID and Digital Wallet set up, return to the New Author Profile page and complete the fields there.

  • Enter your author name in the Name field (the name you wish readers to see)

  • Press the UPLOAD AVATAR button and open your device file window.

  • Select your image file (typically your author headshot) and upload it

  • Enter your Author Bio

  • Enter your Accolades: awards, contests won, placing on best seller lists, etc. 

  • Enter your Dropp Wallet ID. 


NOTE: You will find your Dropp Wallet ID in the Dropp Wallet app on your smartphone. Open the Dropp app, press the hamburger menu icon in the upper right corner, select Account Settings, and select Profile. Your Dropp Account ID will be in the upper left corner and will look like this: 0.0.###### (where each # represents a digit in your account number)


  • Press the CREATE AUTHOR button



  • In the left navigation bar, press Author dashboard

  • Open Edit your author profile

  • Under Management, press MANAGE BOOKS button

  • On the Listing Books page, press the NEW BOOK button

  • On the New book page:


NOTE: You will not get a confirmation of the book cover upload or the Epub file upload until you complete all fields and press the CREATE BOOK button.  


  • Press the UPLOAD BOOK COVER button. This opens your file finder on your hard drive. Select your ebook cover image and press Open. The image is uploaded to your account. 

  • Press the UPLOAD E-PUB FILE button. This opens your file finder on your hard drive. Select your Epub file and press Open. The file is uploaded to your account. 

  • Enter the Book Title in Title field

  • Book status is active by default. “Hidden” status may be selected by clicking on the field/drop down arrow and making the selection. Ebooks that have Hidden status are not visible to users on Inara.

  • Enter the Book Summary in the Summary field

  • Enter the Published Date

  • Enter the ISBN (not required)

  • Enter the Book Value. Enter the dollar(s) amount to the left of the decimal point and the cent(s) to the right of the decimal. The third and fourth zeros are for Inara’s use. 


Note: Instead of Price, Inara uses the term Value.


  • Enter your book’s Book Genres. Press the Book Genres field/drop down arrow to reveal the checkbox list. Select your genres and click outside of that screen to make it go away. 

  • Enter your books keywords, each separated with a comma (be judicious here, readers will be getting selections based on Inara Search)

  • Press the CREATE BOOK button.



The Left Navigation Bar on the app contains:

  • Browse

  • My Library

  • Update Reader Profile

  • My Wallet

  • Login/Logout


Note: Authors have all of the above PLUS Author Dashboard



  • Press Browse in the left navigation bar to see the ebooks on Inara.

  • Click on the Book Title below a book cover to go to that book’s Details page

  • Click on the Author Name below a cook cover to go to that Author’s Page.

  • Click on a book cover to reveal three buttons: 

    • Book Details—The book’s description and other information.

    • Start reading—Opens the ereader and displays the book for reading

    • Save Book—Saves the book to My library

  • Press the Filter Results button. Mouse over the Genre list and click on a genre to filter for that genre.

  • Click on a rating to see books with that rating

  • Press the Clear Filters button to clear the filters and start over.


My Library

  • Press My library in the left navigation bar to open My Library

  • You will see your name and profile photo

  • Each of the four drop-down sections can be extended or retracted when you press that section

  • Currently Reading Shelf—Books that you started to read. Press Mark Completed on any book to move it to the Completed Shelf

  • Saved Books—Books that you have saved for reading

  • Completed Shelf—Books that you have completed reading

    • Press Read Book Again to open it and continue reading. 

    • Press Purchase to pay for the Value of the Whole Book (the balance remaining is automatically calculated). In the Dropp Purchase popup, press PAY or CANCEL.

    • Press Review This Book to leave your review.

  • My Reviews—Press to see your reviews of the books that you have read


My Wallet

  • In My Wallet, press the All Transactions History button. After you have opened an ebook and displayed pages, you will see your microtransactions recorded on this page.

  • Press the Back to Wallet button. This returns you to the My Wallet page.

  • Press the Reading History button. This shows the books and authors you have read. 



Open a Book


From Browse

  • In the Left Navigation Bar, press Browse

  • Press on a Book Cover Image

  • Press Start reading


From My Library

  • In the Left Navigation Bar, press My library

  • Choose a book from Currently Reading, Saved Books, or Completed Shelf

  • Press on a Book Cover Image to open it


If you are reading a book for the first time:

  • In the Read popup that appears, specify the maximum amount of money that you want to spend while reading this book and press CONFIRM.


Note: If the wallet has insufficient funds, a message will display advising you to replenish the wallet (USD/HBAR)


  • In the Dropp Approve Recurring Payment popup, press Approve


With Book Displayed In the Ereader

  • To move to next page: on a laptop or desktop, press the right arrow; on mobile phone, press right side of screen. 


Note, you cannot swipe to turn the page. 


  • To move to preceding page: on a laptop or desktop, press the left arrow; on mobile phone, press left side of screen.

  • To select and display the Table of Contents, press the Hamburger Menu (three bars) Icon at the top left of the screen

  • Press any link in the Table of Contents to go directly to that Section in the Book. 

  • To retract the Table of Contents, press the left arrow at the top left of the screen.

  • To display Fullscreen, press the expansion arrow icon/Fullscreen at the top right of the screen.

  • To display the Notifications, press the bell icon a the top right of the screen

  • To close the book either 1) press the X at the top right of the screen, or 2) press Close Book at the bottom center of the screen. 


NOTE: As you move around the app, you may have to wait a second or two when you see a spinning wheel indicating the app is working to deliver your desired page. This is because the app is in a staging environment while in Closed Beta testing.


INARA PRO TIP: Add Inara mobile web app icon to your mobile phone home screen 


Note: Inara does not vouch for the accuracy or effectiveness of the methods in the sources listed below—they are provided for your information and convenience only


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