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Reader FAQs

Is Inara free to join?

Yes, there is no cost to join Inara. Get your free membership and start reading!


When I am reading books on Inara, what am I paying for and how much do I pay?

You pay for each page of text displayed on your device. Inara calculates what you pay for each display based on the whole monetary value of the book as set by the author. You never pay more than the Whole Book Value set by the author/publisher.


How do I pay for what I read?

Before you can read a book on Inara, you must set up your Dropp account and Dropp Digital Wallet. Dropp is an app downloaded to your smartphone from the App Store or Play Store. You place funds in the wallet either with a credit card or through ACH to your bank account (USD). You may also use your HBAR account. As you read and you make micropayments for what you read, those payments are made from your Dropp wallet account and sent to the author’s account.


Example: The Whole Book Value of the ebook is $5.00 and you display 500 pages of text that comprises that book as they are displayed on your device. You pay $0.01 for each display (page). 


What is HBAR?

HBAR is the native cryptocurrency of Hedera (hedera.com) the company whose technology Inara uses to make micropayments possible. 


Can I pay in either U.S. Dollars or HBAR cryptocurrency?

Yes! You get to choose. You must add at least one currency account (USD or HBAR) to your wallet to make micropayments as you read. You may add both USD and HBAR accounts to your wallet. 


What happens if the funds amount in my Dropp wallet gets too low or down to zero?

Dropp and Inara will alert you via email when your funds get down past a certain amount so you can add funds to your wallet at your convenience. 


Once I’ve paid for a display, do I pay for it again if I go back to that part of the book?

No, Inara keeps track of what you read and you only pay for what you read one time.


What happens if I jump around in a book and open text displays from various chapters/sections of the book?

Inara tracks the displays you open on your device and no matter what part of the book you display or when, you only pay for what you read one time. 


Can I pay for the Whole Book Value up front?

Yes, you can pay for the Whole Book Value at any time after you’ve started reading. Inara factors in what you have already paid and only charges you for the balance remaining. 


What devices can I use to read books on Inara? 

You can use almost any device that runs a Web browser (Examples: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge). Smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers will work with the browser of your choice.  Inara usage with tablets is in development.


Can I leave reviews for books?

Yes, you can write your review on Inara for any book in My Library.