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Inara enables authors to get paid directly for every page stream of their ebooks

and for readers to discover ebooks by paying for one page at a time.

When the page turns, the author earns.

Streaming Micropayments

Powered by Hedera Hashgraph under the hood
When the reader turns the page, Inara sends a micropayment from the reader to the author. 

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Only pay for what you read . . .
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The End of Ebook Subscriptions and Sales with an industry-first globally-connected publishing platform

“With all the competition from other media for readers’ attention, it’s critical for authors to reach readers without spending so much of their income on advertising. Inara builds author and reader communities.”

J. Carson Black, New York Times and USA Today best selling author of The Laura Cardinal Novels

“Inara provides authors the most direct way to get paid for every page read by the reader without the middlemen and onerous fees and commission splits.”

Scott Nicholson, best selling author of more than thirty novels including the After series

“With Inara, streaming micropayments to authors is finally a reality. Now I can charge whatever I want for every page of my books that are read. Thank you Inara!”

Vincent Landri, New York Times best selling author of The Girl Who Wasn't There

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