There has been tons of reaction to the New York Times DealBook Summit Andrew Ross Sorkin interview with Elon Musk. Very little reaction to the segment where Musk talks about the advent of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). The segment begins around 50:14 and continues on for several minutes.

Musk predicts that within three years, among other capabilities, AGI will be “able to write as good a novel as J.K. Rowling.” If he’s correct, AI will likely create a content explosion by 2026. One of the big questions that arise from this prediction is, who’s going to monetize that content, and how?

Will the existing methods of content product sales, subscription, and advertising-supported suffice? Will they be left behind in the dust of history, or become only one of many content distribution and monetization models like broadcast is for radio? What new monetization model could take their place?

As Musk indicated, “…the genie is already poking his head out (of the bottle).”


Photo by Axel R. on Unsplash