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Digital Assistants and Flash Briefings

Especially if you know what is a flash briefing, you are likely already using a digital assistant. But did you know which digital assistant is the smartest?

According to a study by Stone Temple, Google Assistant is number 1, Cortana is number 2, Alexa is number 3 but get this, Alexa is making the biggest gains year over year. Amazon, do they have one heck of a marketplace.  Siri is number 4.  But every competing personal assistant made significant progress in closing the gap with Google.

All B2B marketers should be producing their own Alexa flash briefing now.  It’s the Wild West and there’s lots of room right now to quickly gain attention and an audience, but that will not be the case even 3 years from now.  Gary Vaynerchuk talks about this outstanding opportunity in his book Crushing It.  Do yourself a big favor, get the book today and if you listen to just one chapter, be sure to listen to the chapter on Voice. 

Alexa Echo

Alexa In-Skill Purchasing is Here Now

Today I participated in a Twitch webinar conducted by the Amazon Alexa developer team. I got some news there I want to share with you. In a flash briefing series on my daily Alexa flash briefing, B2B Media Executive Insights,  I talked about the incredible opportunity for B2B media and information companies in Voice First. If you have asked, “how do I make money for my company with Voice First?” then ask no longer.

You can now make money directly by working in-skill purchasing into your custom Alexa skill.

You can do this in two ways:  First, you can do this for one-time purchases. This is your product purchase; a piece of content, a report, an ebook, anything you want to charge for.  Second, and get this. Charge for subscription.  Yes, you can subscribe people to your service with Voice First.

This is only the beginning.  There is a lot of discovery that is going into this. But one thing is certain. The time is now for your B2B media and information company to get into Voice First.

For more information go to Amazon Alexa In-Skill Purchasing

And check out Make Money with Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills (Now Generally Available)

If you have questions, feel free to ask me here, and if there is a way to help you get started with Voice First, let me know.