What if you could only pay for what you read, one page at a time, and got $5 for free to start reading?

That’s what Inara’s new offer does for every reader who sets up their Inara account.

Back in July 2021, Inara formed a collaborative development relationship with Dropp

Together, Inara and Dropp created Auto-Recurring Micropayments on Inara. What does that mean for you? Open a ebook on Inara and start reading. Only pay for what you read, one page at a time. Stop at any time and only pay for what you read. And once you have paid for that section, you can go back to it again and again and not pay another cent for it.

As a thank you for trying Inara, Dropp and Inara have launched a $5 free offer to start reading. When you sign up for your Inara account, you get a Dropp wallet with $5 in it that you can spend to read any ebook on Inara.